Conversations with Woo Softcover - Printed / Includes shipping

A Must for Dog-Lovers! Have you ever had one event that was disguised as ordinary but as it unfolded it turned your heart causing you to question all that you believed in? I had one; it spanned eleven all too short years and began with a bouncy, crazy-eyed cattle dog.

A delightful and humorous story, this is my personal memoir of my life with Woo and her two, then three, pack mates and then Lenox, her parting gift to me. Upon this exploration of our close friendship and the promise I made to her (hence the Pet Promise Beads™!), remarkable events occurred after her death, and now looking back, even before she passed, causing me to question my beliefs and concepts such as souls, fate and destiny.

This 190+ page book a beautifully written and digitally printed with colour photos and cover. It is lso avaliable in eBook formats!

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